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JULY 2019

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Can’t live with them. Can’t live without them. Where would we be without all the aunty figures in our lives? From the feared “Detective Aunty” who is on the prowl for gossip, to the “Mid-Life Crisis Aunty” found dancing on table tops, our exclusive story, “The Nine Types of Aunty You’ll Meet Before You Die” pays tribute to some of our favourite types of aunty and we’re sure you’ll be able to recognise at least five…or maybe all of them! In this issue, we also invite you to join us in decoding the Thai-Indian cross-cultural experience in our “What’s Happening” feature, while Supranee ‘Sujani’ Doowa offers guidance on how to better enhance our diets in our “People” story. Also make sure to browse through our other stories covering the best of food, fashion and online trends. Enjoy!

June - July 2019

July 2019


The Nine Types of Aunty You’ll Meet Before You Die

The only guide you need to survive the Indian Society. We love our aunties. They feed us when we’re already full, sing during games
of Antakshari so that we don’t have to, and find us husbands even when we’re not looking....
Masala Recommends

Sari-torial Creations

THE MOST INSPIRED WAYS TO REUSE A SARI The Masala Wedding Fair is over and you need room for all the exquisite new saris you’ve bought. You’d like to ‘Marie Kondo’ your wardrobe....

Above and Beyond – HI-SO Dining Review

Drift above the city at SO Sofitel Bangkok’s snazzy rooftop venue HI-SO, while indulging in creative cocktails and delightful cuisine. Set a stunning 29 floors above Lumphini Park, the multi-storey HI-SO overlooks the entirety of this verdant oasis,....

Colour Your Diet! – Incas Superfoods

Young entrepreneur Supranee ‘Sujani’ Doowa’s new business venture, Incas superfoods is here to help you enhance your diet. She’s colouring the world, one superfood at a time. At only 28 years old, Supranee ‘Sujani’ Doowa is the Founder and CEO of Incas, one of the only superfood brands in the current Thai market,....
What’s Hot

Nothing is ImPOSEable

Are you sick of simply smiling for the camera? Looking for new and exciting ways for your squad to stand out from the crowd on Instagram? Are you, unlike us, nimble and athletic enough to contort yourselves into fantastical shapes?....
What’s Happening

Bachao, I’m a Third-Culture Bachcha!

Rubani Sethi and Amornrat Sidhu reveal that while our experiences might be real, we have been using the wrong term to describe them all along. They highlight the definitions that more appropriately apply to Thai-Indians,...

Stylin’ in the Rain

It’s monsoon season but don’t let the rain get you down. Upgrade your style game with Masala’s tips that will not only help you survive the downpour, but will set the city on fire during the gloomiest time of the year....