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July 2018

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This time, we not only celebrate a successful entrepreneur, but rather an experienced executive who is so driven by the need to help those less fortunate. For Pinderpal Madan, Managing Director of Thai Japan Group, giving back is not just smart business; it is a civic duty. So don’t forget to tune into our exclusive story, ‘Building a Legacy’, where you will meet an inspirational man with a heart of gold. We also hope you enjoy our other up-to-date features, as we continue to bring you the best of what our city has to offer.

JUNE - JULY 2018

JULY 2018


Building a Legacy

Not one to measure success by material wealth, Pinderpal Madan is an experienced businessman with a heart of gold.

A Heart to Heart

Celebrated cardiologist Dr. Ramasami Nandakumar shares advice on how to maintain a healthy heart. Dr. Ramasami Nandakumar, also known as Dr. Kumar, is one of Singapore’s leading cardiologists.

Riverside Romance

Fall in love with royal Thai cuisine at Thara Thong. Bangkok’s riverside is renowned for its historic origins, with plenty of temples and palaces lining the banks of this famous

An Artist’s Abode

The Aryapratheep household exists in a balance of old and new, combining the charms of antique furniture with the vibrancy of modern art.

Top Six Moments from IIFA Awards 2018

he much-awaited 19th edition of the IIFA Awards brought some of our favourite Bollywood celebrities to our home city for a weekend of glamour and glitz.

Architectural Wonders of India

As renowned American writer Mark Twain so eloquently said, “So far as I am able to judge, nothing has been left undone, either by man or nature, to make India

Millennials would rather give up shampooing for a week than stop using their phones

A survey conducted by an app-based phone service Visible asked 1,180 millennials a series of “Would you rather?” questions, to find out what they would be willing to give up