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JULY 2019

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If you’ve ever tried to sell your mobile phone in the hopes of staying up-to-date with new options that seem to come out every second month, you’ll know how frustrating trading up can be. Whether it’s MBK or Siam, there’s a good chance you’ve been ripped off while trying to get a fair price on a second-hand device. Enter Deepak “Daniel” Narula and Thanavut “Woody” Kalra who are on a mission to give their customers the prices and service they deserve through their website Kaitorasap, as the online platform gives users the ability to sell their old phones without leaving the comfort of their homes. Read more about their exciting venture in “Trading Up with Kaitorasap.” Also make sure to browse through our other stories covering the best of food, fashion and online trends. Enjoy!

June - July 2019

July 2019


Trading Up with Kaitorasap

In the business of buying used phones, Kaitorasap founders Deepak “Daniel” Narula and Thanavut “Woody” Kalra are on a mission to give their customers the prices and service they deserve....

A Taste of Fame

Celebrity Chef Akira Back’s exquisite East-meets-West gastronomical innovations are seasoned with a touch of stardust....

Wear It With Confidence

Accomplished executive Kratika Lakhotia loves experimenting with fashion, and is able to infuse even the simplest ensemble with glamour.....

La Dolce Vita of the Italian Riviera

ITALY: A five-letter word encapsulating all things beautiful in life, and a country that genuinely needs no introduction....
What’s Hot

Hush, Can You Keep a Secret?

Bangkok has no shortage of ways to spend a fun night out, and now, besides the standard rooftop lounges, disco clubs and sports bars, a new nightlife trend is taking the city by storm, primarily for its clandestine nature....

Under The Radar

Not all movies get the recognition they deserve at first glance, and as a result, there is a treasure trove of content with stunning visuals, writing and acting that gets overlooked by moviegoers every day....

The Nine Biggest Health Myths – Busted!

From juice cleanses and keto diets to açaí bowls and organic produce, Masala breaks down the nine most prevalent health trends to discover just how much is more fiction than fact....